Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me

Posted in heavy metal, rock with tags on March 18, 2008 by moremusicthantime

Well. I get that this song was written in the eighties, but seriously, Pour Some Sugar On Me? It always puzzles me where songs like that come from!

Pour Some Sugar on me was a pretty forgotten song until I re-heard it in a metal megamix. It seemed fun, and since there was only about 30 seconds of it, I didn’t recognize the song. The reason I re-discovered this song now is because I’ll be going to a Def Leppard concert and when trying to remember their songs, Pour Some Sugar On Me is one of the first replies I got from youtube.

Pour Some Sugar On me, is definitely one of those songs you need if you want to have a seriously authentic 80’s rock party with bad haircuts, ripped jeans and overall strangeness. Lyrics that just make you wonder and a good beat to rock to.


Melody Club – Play Me In Stereo

Posted in pop rock with tags on March 18, 2008 by moremusicthantime

There is one thing that has always puzzled me with the Finns ans Swedes. Finland is famous for the more heavy kind of music, but the Swedish who are their neighbors make the creepiest happy fun pop rock disco music. (that’s not a valid genre, I know). But it’s really strange comparing those 2 countries.

Melody Club has produced 4 albums so far, each one being more successful than the previous. And well, no wonder. If you feel like dancing (Unlike the Scissors Sisters) then play any Melody Club album and it’s really hard not to get cheered up.

Though, my personal favorite by them is Fever Fever (that also appears in the FIFA 08 game) just keeps you on the hook but Play Me In Stereo has a very good feeling to it and it can be a huge hit at parties when things are wearing down a bit.

Caution though, the chorus theme, just keeps playing and playing and playing inside your head. At times, some serious rock music is needed to wash this song down if repeated too many times.

Foo Fighters – The Pretender

Posted in rock with tags on March 18, 2008 by moremusicthantime

I am sure that to some Foo Fighters fans, The Pretender isn’t the song they’d name in the top 3. Why? Well, one obvious reason is that Foo Fighters has many bigger hits, for example All My Life, Everlong, Best of You, DOA etc.

So why did I pick The Pretender?

I first listened to Foo Fighters about 6 years back, just when All My Life had just come out. Seriously, it isn’t even funny how many times I listened to that song. It was violent, catchy and something new.

When a few months back I saw the Making the Video for The Pretender and it won me over with the first 30 seconds. That song represented to me all the things I had discovered in Foo Fighters six years back and had forgotten.

It just stays in your head and no matter how many times you listen to it, it never gets boring. And even if you don’t like rock music, the slow begging just drags you into it and before you realize, you’re hooked.